Nov 29, 2010

Welcome to the My Thick Is Sexy Blog! Here your going to learn a few inspirational lessons on what I would like to call, the M.T.I.S. touch. As you know by now, the inspiration for this blog came from what Oprah Winfrey would like to call an "AHA moment" a few months ago. Here I was about to turn 25 and feeling aweful about everything I came to be. Well, one day after losing my 20th retail job I was at home, kneeling on my floor, and hating my body image. But while I was there I asked, "Why are you doing this to yourself? Why would you want to jump on the band wagon of all your haters?" I love my internal voice. It saved my life. I mean really. Why would I jump on the band wagon of the people and companies that have rejected me and slandered me because of my body image? I hope you can think about that for a moment. What good is it for you to get in agreement with people or organizations that are against the person you are?

I challenge you t
o do something powerful for your self today. JUMP OFF THAT NEGATIVE BAND WAGON! Become the proud Owner, CEO, Director of "Insert Your Name Here", Inc. Fall in love with yourself, promote yourself and watch the new connections form between you and others who don't want to break you down.


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