Sep 18, 2010

What Is It That You Do? A Beginning In Self-Discovery

Today I was asked twice, "What is it that you do?" And sadly, I was baffled at the question because I didn't know how to answer the question. As far as I knew, I did nothing and I was nothing. I was nothing and then I was everything. I didn't know how to answer that because my life was empty and yet so full at the same time. By faith I had everything and I had arrived but in the natural… my bank account was in the negative, my health wasn't superior, my home was empty, I live in a tiny efficiency, no cable, no phone, no car and no job. All I could say was, I don't know. Then I was asked, "What do like to do? I said, I "Everything!" I wanted to do so many things in my 25 years of life and grown as a person but no body ever gave me the chance. I was always kept back from succeeding in activities at school and I have been let go from every job I've ever had.

It's come to me that God was asking, "Child, now that I have freed you from the bonds of slavery, what do you do?" My answer is… I EMPOWER PEOPLE. If all I have is a word to give you then this is it. I choose to only define myself by what I was created to do. Not what man says my profession is. Man says my profession will "employ" me. Employ means to send off and go somewhere. And they the un-employ me? No. I do what I was created to do. Spread my God given power to other people in every thing I do. When we leave this earth and God ask us what have we done, I seriously doubt he want a reading of our resume. He will want to know who we were while we were here. So let me ask you... Who Are You & What Is It That You Do? Really...

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