Sep 20, 2010

One Purpose For Me: Its YOU

This blog is here for one purpose. To inspire empowerment in YOU. Today we live in a world that is so different to live in. The "System" is failing. The sky is falling but only so you can reach it. Walls are crumbling but only so you can step over the ruble into your destiny. Jobs are letting you go so you can be free. Tears are falling from our eyes so that our souls can wash away the lies we have been told. God is calling you to wake up out of your systemic matrix and slavery mindset. If your job employs you then why are you not moving forward? Does it really define how far you go? No. You define how far YOU go.

I was brought up to believe something was wrong with me. And that is a shame. How long will we allow lies to step on us. How long will we step on ourselves to "fit in" with others? Do you really want to believe that you are limited, nothing, too flawed or not good enough. Or would you rather believe that EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS CREATED TO BE POWERFUL. INSIDE AND OUT, you can move mountains.

My Thick Is Sexy is my affirmation to how I was created. Thick unruly hair, thick lip, thick thighs and thick hips. My love is thick. My prayers are thick. And after all the hits against everything I am, my come back is thick. And I reign intriguingly sexy. So if you will, please allow this personal blog to reach you where you are. Take what you need and leave what your don't. Share what you like.

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Alexa King is an extremely talented 24 year creative genius behind the My Thick Is Sexy project. This fabulous fashionista has in currently developing 4 different projects to help motivate the minds of America's women. Currently Alexa is a freelance runway model for the ever growing plus-size industry. She looks forward to using her walk and her voice to blaze light into dark places.