Aug 16, 2010

The Power In Being Transparent

I want to be perfectly honest and transparent. I truly believe that when you don't put on a fake front regarding your life, people can be touched in positive ways by you. Every morning I wake up and before I do anything, I head strait to my bathroom mirror and I examine my soul. I look deep into my own eyes to make sure that I am in touch with what is going on within me. Why? Because I am constantly at war. Sometime my eyes reflect a victory and sometime they reflect a loss. Sometimes they reflect a unique beauty with an untold story and sometimes they reflect a walking mainstream rejection. Sometimes my my hands rub up and down the curves of my body gratefully accepting the blessing God has given me. Sometimes my fingers trace my stretchmarks and I feel ruin. Some days I think "Wow, you are beautiful!" Some days I think "OMG! You have so many flaws." In the daily battle, I make sure to find something I love. Right now, I love the beauty of honesty because I'm encouraging someone else out there to keep it real and pick themselves up.

The image you have of yourself will mirror how other people see you. The best garment that you can wear on yourself is one of confidence. As soon as I took a stand for myself and declared, "My Thick IS Sexy!" my entire life changed. The world started reflecting back to me what I allowed myself to feel inside. Why continue to beat yourself up over other peoples negative and shallow views as to whom you should be? Allow yourself to be free in exactly who you are right now. Count yourself worthy of love, honor, joy and appreciation. Empower yourself to take that 30 minute brisk walk or jog that would help you relieve your stress and live longer. Buy yourself those sexy jeans in YOUR SIZE, not the size smaller than YOU! Go to the beach in shorts and enjoy the ocean sunset like everyone else. Just do whatever makes you feel good. And throw away negativity in the garbage where it belongs. Be clear in yourself and your intentions. The only thing inside of you is power. Choose today to reflect that.

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